Favorite part of your job? Establishing long term relationships with my patients.

Best advice you’ve received… Treat every patient as if they were family.

I start each day… with a daily devotion and a good workout.

What fascinates you most about the human body? The ability of soft tissue to be manipulated in amazing ways for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes.

How do you make your patients feel comfortable in you care? My goal is to empower patients through education and options. Ultimately, the decision to have cosmetic surgery is completely elective. I want every patient that I see to be completely informed and completely comfortable with their decision, whether it involves surgery or not.

What factors help set your office apart? We are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients at an affordable cost. Our mission is to try and be as inclusive as we can possibly be. As a staff, we are very effective at identifying with the concerns of our patients and recognize that time, work, family, privacy, and budget are all concerns that we must address on a daily basis. Each person has their own unique needs and we are very good at identifying them and meeting them.

How do you keep up with new ideas and techniques? As a physician on staff at an academic institution I am challenged by unusually complex cases. Teaching residents also challenges me to continuously perfect my clinical and surgical skills. These experiences are invaluable. They enhance my judgment, perfect my technique, and improve my patient management skills.

I also budget a specific amount of time every year to visit other surgeons and observe their techniques as well as attending professional conferences, and doing an extensive amount of reading from a variety of professional journals.

What’s the best compliment you have ever received? The best compliment I receive is when patients refer friends and relatives to me.

My hobbies are… reading, watching my kids discover new things, outdoor activities, college football

How do you best educate patients? By focusing on the patient’s specific concerns and trying to match their concern with procedures that will meet their expectations. In order to do this, I focus on comprehensive informational resources on my website, a thorough consultation combined with a detailed history and physical exam, a detailed discussion of patient expectations, and thorough pre and postoperative instructions.

What one word describes your bedside manner? Vigilant

Alternative occupation? If I wasnʼt a surgeon, I would become a pilot.

How does your staff contribute to the patient experience? My staff is very skilled at establishing honest, ethical relationships with patients that lead to long term bonds.

Are you quick to adopt new procedures? I am quick to pick up new procedures. I am cautious about implementing new procedures until I know that they are not simple fads. My goal is to offer procedures that meet my goals of safety, reasonable recovery time, and excellent, lasting cosmetic results.

What is your main goal when treating patients? My goal is to empower each patient with education and options, treat each patient with sound surgical technique, provide each patient with a comfortable, confident experience, and establish a long term relationship with them.

Meet Dr. Miller

Meet Our Surgeon - Dr. Todd Miller

What draws Dr. Miller specifically to Facial Plastic Surgery is being able to provide patients with a unique skill set involving the head and neck. He has performed a vast number of facial cosmetic procedures. He has authored articles for national publications and made numerous presentations at national and regional meetings. He is a board certified member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. More...

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