rhinoplasty1Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes, contours and improves the function of the nose. People seek rhinoplasty for many reasons—cosmetic refinement, correct breathing difficulties and birth defects.

Dr. Miller performs rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) to correct or improve the appearance of common conditions such as…

  • crooked nose
  • wide nose
  • long nose
  • short nose
  • sports injury
  • breathing improvement
  • nasal blockages
  • nasal hump reduction
  • tip elevation
  • tip plasty
  • tip lifting/shortening
  • nostril narrowing
  • nose bridge narrowing

Additionally, nasal surgery can correct a deviated septum and nasal turbinate cautery which improves nasal airway function. Nasal implants can improve the appearance of the nose whereas cartilage grafts using either septal nose or conchal ear cartilage can augment or correct the shape of the nose.

Dr. Miller has a detailed understanding of nasal anatomy and function given his background in reconstructive facial surgery and board certification in Otolaryngology (ENT). Rhinoplasty requires three-dimensional knowledge of anatomy, nasal function, and an artistic eye for natural beauty.

rhinoplasty-before rhinoplasty-after

* Results may vary


Rhinoplasty can take 2-4 hours depending on the condition and complexity of the nose. Most of the incisions for nose surgery are hidden inside of the nostril. External incisions may be hidden in the creases where the nose meets the cheek.


Rhinoplasty is done under general anesthesia at an accredited surgery center.


Patients can return to work or school at the end of one week after nasal surgery. Most patients see immediate pleasing results when the nasal cast is removed at the end of one week. Patients should expect swelling and bruising which typically resolves within one week. Patients should avoid any contact sports for 1 month following surgery to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Meet Dr. Miller

Meet Our Surgeon - Dr. Todd Miller

What draws Dr. Miller specifically to Facial Plastic Surgery is being able to provide patients with a unique skill set involving the head and neck. He has performed a vast number of facial cosmetic procedures. He has authored articles for national publications and made numerous presentations at national and regional meetings. He is a board certified member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. More...

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