Inversion of Facial Geometry as We Age

A youthful face has volume with heightened cheekbones making the appearance of the face look like a triangle, narrowing to a point at the chin. Whereas, an older face can be compared to a deflating balloon where collagen, muscle, bone and fat are lost over time. Aging causes that triangle to invert because the face gets elongated and widened at the bottom.


How Does Aging Affect Your Skin?

An individual’s identity is often primarily determined by the face - its structure, overall appearance, and expressions. As such, age-related changes that can alter the appearance of the face may make an individual feel as if their identity has changed over time. Changes can occur in the upper, mid, and lower portions of the face.

young-old-faceIt is important to understand the underlying structure of the face and how the aging process causes it to change over time. The face is composed of layers of skin, muscle and fat which lie above the facial bones. Much like a rubber band that has been over stretched, the tissues within your face weaken, losing their resiliency and ability to maintain a firm, youthful position.

Facial aging occurs for many reasons. In response to sun exposure, gravity, diet, smoking, genetics and other factors, your skin’s support network of collagen and elastin breaks down. As a result, your skin loses some of its structure and elasticity and becomes lax.

Additionally, the facial muscles weaken and stretch, and fat deposits, which normally give the face a soft, rounded appearance, migrate downward and are depleted. In combination, these changes work together to create sagging cheeks, hollow areas, and deep wrinkles.

Meet Dr. Miller

Meet Our Surgeon - Dr. Todd Miller

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