The results from some diets and fat reduction treatments may leave you swinging back and forth between "before" and "after" versions of yourself. But the CoolSculpting procedure is non-surgical, safe, effective, and best of all, the results are long-term. So take a good, long look at yourself.


Look and feel better in the New Year.



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Eliminate stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. With over 1 million treatments performed worldwide, the CoolSculpting procedure is proven safe and effective. The CoolSculpting procedure can help you achieve your New Year's resolution. Find a provider today.

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These six simple tips can also help you look and feel better

Snack Smart

Keep off stubborn fat for good.

Pistachios, avocados and pumpkin seeds are full of unsaturated fats. They help you feel full for longer and rev your metabolism.

Get More Sleep

For better skin, mood and waistline.

Studies have shown that sleep is the key to concentration, how happy you are, skin elasticity and even weight loss.

Weight Train

Increase your metabolism up to 15%.

Weight training fights fat. Just 12 repetitions at a weight that exhausts your muscles 2-3 times a week is enough to see results.

Smart Devices

Keep track of your health.

Familiar with "telemetry"? That's what it's called when tech wearables track your fitness data and it's one of the biggest trends for 2015.

Web Fitness

Stay motivated and have fun.

Online fitness communities help you stay accountable. Some even send personalized fitness programs right to your inbox every week.

Get Results with CoolSculpting

Sometimes diet and exercise isn't enough.

The CoolSculpting procedure helps eliminate stubborn fat for good, without surgery or downtime. Is it right for me?

Look Good - Feel Good

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