The ClearLight™ system is a unique new therapeutic light that treats moderate inflammatory acne.

Shown to reduce acne faster than creams or oral treatments!

ClearLightAcne usually begins with an abnormal amount of bacteria, mainly (P. acnes). This typically causes a painful pimple known as inflamed pustules of acne or inflammatory acne that can appear on the face, chest, back, limbs and virtually any other part of the body. Acne can produce life-long scars, both physically and emotionally. But there is hope. At DermFx we have the latest technology and a caring professional clinical staff to help you with all your skin care needs. Call us today so we can help you get your skin back!

The benefits of Clearlight™

  • Significant results after only four weeks
  • Quick and easy treatments
  • Systemic drug-free treatment
  • It is suitable for all body areas
  • Up to 3 times faster than topical or oral treatments
  • It is pain free
  • No side effects & no downtime
  • FDA-Approved
  • 40% of acne bacteria are resistant to oral antibiotics

The ClearLight™ system is a unique new therapeutic light that treats moderate inflammatory acne. ClearLight™ uses the innovative Acne PhotoClearing (APC) technology to destroy the most common bacteria that causes acne, quickly and easily. It works by activating molecules called porphyrins that are produced by the bacterium, Proprionobacterium acnes. The activation of the porphyrins results in the elimination of the bacterium as well as a decrease in the acne lesions.

ClearLight™ treatments are performed twice a week for four weeks, in all 8 sessions. The treatment is pain free, and entails the patient simply lying on the treatment bed under the light for around 20 minutes. There is a visible blue light and treatment sessions are monitored by a computer system to ensure optimum performance. On completion of the treatment session, the patient is free to return and resume their normal activities.

How does ClearLight™ destroy acne?
ClearLight™ is a new therapeutic light that uses the innovative Acne PhotoClearingTM - APCTM technology to precisely target and destroy surface and ductal propionibacterium acnes (p.acnes) quickly and easily. Its intense 420nm wavelength light penetrates deeply enough into the tissue to reach the target p.acnes and attack and eliminate the p.acnes bacteria.

What kind of results can acne patients expect?
ClearLight™ effectively clears most inflammatory acne in just one month. There are virtually no side effects or photosensitivity, no downtime and no exposure to antibiotics using APCTM technology.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?
ClearLight™ is one of the safest acne treatments available. Its APC technology uses light that is UV-safe. With ClearLight™ there are no known side effects. Traditional acne treatments can have a variety of side effects. Topical therapies like creams and lotions often cause redness, irritation, and/or peeling. Oral therapies, like antibiotics, may have other side effects. Both may require at least 3 months of continuous treatment; conditions often become worse before they improve, and scarring remains an issue.

How does the ClearLight™ System Work?
The ClearLight™ System uses the unique light-based Acne PhotoClearing (APCTM) technology to provide the fastest acne therapy available. APC technology employs an enhanced narrow-band 420nm blue wavelength that converts the porphyrines (P,acne) produced by acne bacteria into a compound that actually destroys the bacteria. This narrow-band spectrum is high-intensity, yet UV-free and in results in over 60% decrease in inflammatory acne lesions in one month or less.

Why Enhanced 420nm Blue Light?
Scientific research has proven that porphyrines are ten times more photosensitive to enhanced 420 nm blue light than to other light wavelengths capable of exciting porphrines. The P. acne reside in the most superficial areas of the sebaceous gland duct. Enhanced 420 nm light penetrates just deep enough into the tissue to reach the P.acne target, safely and effectively.

How does ClearLight™ Compare to Topical Creams and Oral Antibiotics?
Most other treatment modalities for acne sufferers (such as topical creams and oral antibiotics) have limitations and require at least 3 months of continous treatment; other drugs have additional aggressive side-effects. ClearLight™ PhotoClearing acne therapy is faster – with full-face treatments lasting only 20 minutes. ClearLight™ is also more effective, significantly decreasing inflammatory acne lesions by over 60% in 4 weeks, compared to results achieved in 12 weeks with continuous treatment with oral anti-acne. ClearLight’s PhotoCleaning treatment has not shown any adverse effects. ClearLight™ is suitable for all body areas, including large areas and the sensitive beard area, often aggravated by shaving.

What should I do between treatments?
Avoid touching or picking the lesions. Use a non-irritating anti-acne cleanser such as salicylic acid daily, as recommended by your physician.

What is the recommended maintenance after completing the ClearLight™ treatments?
It is recommended to continue using a topical treatment, such as Retinoic Acid or Adapalene for comedones (blackheads & whiteheads), and antibacterial agents for inflamed blemishes (benzoyl peroxide and/or Erythromycin). Follow your physician recommendation for the best maintenance program for you.

Will I be blemish-free at the end of my ClearLight™ treatments?
Though the inflammation will be gone for the majority of patients at the end of the treatment series, you may experience some redness where the inflamed lesions were located. This redness will dissipate after a short period of time. It is important to remember that Clearlight™ treats mild to moderate acne only. It is not designed to clear cystic and/or nodular acne or comedones. You may experience little or no clearing of these lesions.

Who can be treated by ClearLight™?
Almost anyone. ClearLight™ has proven to be very effective on moderate inflammatory acne. Pregnant women and people with photosensitivity should consult with their physician. Since most people can benefit from treatment, talk to your doctor about ClearLight™.

How much does it cost?
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