Weekly Lipotropic injections for improved health and fat metabolism

  • Lipo-B Injection is a blend of lipotropic nutrients that assist the body in dissolving fat and cholesterol.
  • Lipo-Den Injection – a blend of Lipotropic nutrients for MAXIMUM effectiveness
  • Hydroxycobalamin – Long – Acting Vitamin B-12 Increase Energy & Metabolism

Healthy Lipotropic Injectables... Patients Love!

Our New... All natural... Safe & effective... Non stimulant... Supplements!!!

Our supplements listed below are fitted to your lifestyle:

Fat burners to control sweet & sugar cravings.
Enhance your mood and mental focus to control cravings, binge & night.
Vital Nutrients of Magnesium & Potassium good for your heart and muscles.
28 Vitamins and Minerals needed during weight loss to promote energy and good health!
A mild gentle colon cleanse to help with constipation, digestion, liver.
Lose body fat and keep muscle mass! Great to take before working out!
Safe & Natural sublingual tablet containing Adenosine; useful in treating chronic fatigue, MS, Obesity, herpes and to improve energy.
Tablets that mimic our Lipo-Den Injections; increase metabolism & burn fat!
DermFx has the latest in alternative options for weight management

We can customize a weight loss program specifically designed for YOU!

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