The hCG diet is the oldest, easiest, most effective rapid weight loss program. It is the only diet that works for permanent weight loss.

hCG Benefits

  • Women will lose 25 - 40 lbs. in 6 weeks
  • Men will lose 30 - 47 lbs. in 6 weeks
  • Ideal for women in menopause
  • Speeds metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • No more big appetites
  • No more cravings for carbs, sweets, and starchy whites
  • Eliminate all CRAVINGS
  • Lose fat not muscle
  • Tighten and firm skin reducing cellulite
  • Redistributes fat away from thighs, hips & buttocks
  • Release stubborn unwanted fat pockets
  • No more yo-yo dieting
  • Permanent weight loss. Never gain the weight back!
  • Life changing!


What is hCG?

(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) – hCG is a glycoprotein. It is produced within the woman’s body at the time of conception when a new baby is starting to form. Over the course of pregnancy, hCG levels within her body rise to very high levels. (Much much higher levels than used in this program) Its role is to maintain progesterone production, critical for a pregnancy. hCG is secreted by the placenta having a stimulating effect on metabolism, preventing the skin from sagging and preventing belly fat formation. It works by "resetting" an important gland in the brain known as the hypothalamus. This is the part of your brain that controls hunger, body temperature, thirst, fatigue, anger, maternal instincts, ultimately responsible for establishing a healthy metabolism and how we burn calories. Research shows that hCG is useful in weight loss and obesity. A disorder of metabolism causes weight gain and difficult weight loss involves the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus provides chemicals that signal to fat cells causing fat accumulation. hCG accumulates in the hypothalamus and breaks down fat without any loss of muscle mass.

What does hCG do?

hCG helps to change the way your brain tells your body how to burn calories. It has a way of balancing your endocrine system. This means that your thyroid function can
potentially improve giving way to burning calories and not storing food as fat.

Is hCG safe in men?

Yes. Men produce a hormone called Luteinizing hormone (LH) that is structurally very similar to hCG. hCG will not make a man grow breasts or make him more feminine. It will
not make a woman more masculine either. It is a natural hormone that has been used for over 4 decades to help people lose weight.

How does the hCG diet work?

The hCG diet is the oldest, easiest, most effective rapid weight loss program. It is the only diet that works for permanent weight loss. The diet is a combination of VLCD Very Low
Calorie Diet and hCG injections.

How many hCG Injections:

The hcg injections are administered daily for a minimum of 20 days and no more than 40 days. The dose administered is very minimal, 125 IU per day. Patients will take their
hCG medication for a minimum of 23 day program or maximum 34 lbs lost or 40 days. Whichever comes first. You can repeat the phase two until you reach your weight boal.
However you must follow Phase Three for 3 weeks and 1 - 3 weeks of Phase Four before starting Round 2 of Phase Two. The VLCD is maintained throughout the entirety of program.

Why choose DermFx?

hCG is approved for other uses by the FDA. Although it is not approved for weight loss, it is a safe hormone to use. DermFx provides our clients with pure hCG from certified US pharmacies that follow FDA regulations. Our pure hCG most effective. There are thousands of online sites on the hCG diet. DermFx follows the original protocol founded by Dr. Simeons in Italy. We have added new phases addressing the new advancements for weight loss and obesity, not known in the 1950's. Be careful purchasing hCG on the internet. Homeopathic hCG will not work for permanent results and long term expectations.

Risks & Side Effects

Few and rare side effects are headache; irritability; restlessness; depression; fatigue.

Treatment Duration:

Phase One - 30 days. Phase two - 26 or 43 days. Patients who need to lose 15 lbs. or less require 23 days of daily injections and 3 days VLCD for a total of 26 days. Patients
who have more than 15 lbs. the treatment takes longer and requires 43 days VLCD and 40 days of injections. Phase three - 21 Days (3 Weeks). Phase four - Lifelong.


This depends on YOU! The hCG Weight loss & Longevity Diet is Life Changing. Follow the protocol The hCG Diet works on everyone! Men and Women!

hCG Program

Phase one

Completely optional although highly recommended. prepare your body for the weight loss experience in phase 2. The "preparation phase" was added to Dr. Simeons' original hCG protocol to address many of the new underlying causes of obesity nonexistent
in the1950's. During this phase you are not counting calories, weighing portions, nor reducing the quantity of food you are consuming. This is a list of do's and don'ts to follow and live by.

After phase one, you will feel better than ever before with increased energy, decreased depression, and moodiness, and a constant feeling of fullness without any feelings of deprivation. You can lose up to thirty pounds in thirty days of phase one. More
importantly, you will look younger and feel healthier. You will feel more energetic, sleep better, and have massive reductions in appetite and food cravings. This phase will accelerate the fat weight loss and make the whole protocol easier to complete. The more you do in this phase will greatly increase your ability to keep the weight off permanently and eliminate food cravings in the future.

Phase two

Very low Calorie diet not to exceed 500 calories and daily injections of 125 IU to 200 IU of the hCG hormone. No exceptions to the diet. 15 pounds or less follow the diet for 23 days and patients wanting to lose 15 lbs. or more follow the 43 day diet.

Phase three

restore your metabolism to a normal state and help maintain your weight. Lock in your new weight. Reset your hypothalamus and never gain the weight back.
When you successfully complete the twenty-one days of Phase 3, you are ready to begin your new life as a normal, thin, energetic, happy, healthy person who is no longer a slave to hunger, food cravings, and food. Your hypothalamus will be reset and corrected
from its abnormal operating state. Your metabolism will be high. Your hunger and food cravings will be low. You will no longer abnormally store fat in the abnormal secure fat reserves. You will have been cured of the main causes of obesity.

Phase Four

Lifelong maintenance of healthy weight. vitamin injections for well being & Longevity.

Phase Four Lifelong Benefits

This is the first day of the rest of your life. It will be a new life. Your life now will
be different than before.

  • Your hunger will be normalized and will no longer be intense and constant.
  • You will eat normal, small amounts of food and be perfectly satisfied and full.
  • You will no longer have uncontrollable urges and desires to eat.
  • You will no longer have food cravings, causing you to eat when you are not hungry.
  • Your metabolism will be high so you easily burn for fuel the food you consume.
  • You will not gain any more weight.
  • Your body will no longer abnormally store fat in the secure problem area fat deposits around
    your body. Your energy levels will be high.
  • You will sleep deeply and soundly.
  • Your skin, hair, nails, and eyes will be youthful and radiant, glowing with vibrant health.
  • You will be happy and no longer suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety.
  • You will find yourself more energetic, being active more than you ever imagined.
  • You will be more social and your relationships with other people will be better.

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